Marc Stevens' approach to the law, what it is and what it isn't.

There is frequently much confusion regarding Marc Stevens' ideas and the law. He is not a lawyer or attorney and is not trained in the law or legal profession, aside from the school of hard knocks and the results from having a sharp curiosity. Marc endeavors to look at the facts, not at the words the legal profession uses to obfuscate those facts. In doing so he shows that virtually all of the legal system is a "con job," a public relations scheme to cover over the contradictions within the controlling and abusive system. By looking at the actual facts with a clear mind and using critical thinking skills, one can see that these contradictions render most of the laws and the legal system invalid. This is the heart of his approach. He goes to the heart of the matter, using the legal framework "they" have set up, to get them to contradict themselves and in so doing invalidate the claims they have made against you.

  • So while it is true that there are legal terms and procedures that are discussed here, it is a misunderstanding to think that this is about the law, or about using the legal system to win your case.

As Marc points out, once you are in the clutches of a bureaucrat or the legal system, you have already lost (productivity, your peace, time and energy) - now it is simply a matter of trying to prevent further damage. There is no "winning" (ultimately they have guns and the cages and are perfectly willing to use them).
The reason for the discussion of various laws and legal procedures in these pages is for the purpose of educating you in the manner in which you can use "their" system against them. If you don't know what you are doing they will "railroad" you into a fine or a cell or both. After all, they practice their Art daily, while the rest of us are out doing something actually productive. But by understanding the rules that they have placed upon themselves in an effort to appear fair, you can use these rules to your advantage to expose the contradictions within the system. The net result of this is not that you will win, nor that you will get the laws changed; the net result is often enough that you will embarrass them so badly that they will dismiss the case simply to get you to go away and stop embarrassing them in front of other victims who are easier to fleece.

I cannot recommend enough that you buy Marc's books and read them. I don't know any other way to really comprehend the full scope of the ideas he is trying to share. (I'm not getting a cut. I just think it is that good.)

Welcome to Adventures in Legal Land. For me the experience has been well worth the trip, but it took reading the book twice and spending a lot of time in reflection until my prior programming had been set aside and I could actually grasp the ideas he offers.

As the dormouse said, "Feed your head. Feed your head." It's a freeing experience.