The Book: Adventures in Legal Land

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Adventures in Legal Land paperback book.

The book that started it all and helped launch The No State Project radio show.

If you’ve ever felt there was something wrong with the world but you just couldn’t put your finger on it, then Adventures in Legal Land is the book for you. Perhaps the most controversial, informative and entertaining book to see print in years, you need to read Marc Stevens’ Adventures In Legal Land.

This unique book, while unreserved and outrageous, is also very amusing. Full of controversy, it will not only enlighten, but may jar you awake forever changing the way you look at the world, especially “law” and politics. Adventures has been called “Better than a law school education in 250 pages.” Read first hand accounts proving the world’s biggest hoax.

Adventures in Legal Land PAPERBACK – $20 USD ($25 outside of the USA). Includes shipping.
Adventures in Legal Land eBook – $7 USD. Book will be emailed to you.
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To help build the free market and also engage in non-violent non-cooperation, now considered a “unique form of domestic terrorism”, you can now get the Adventures in Legal Land eBook and .mp3 of either the Austin Workshop OR Colorado Springs Seminar

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--Marc Stevens

Most Recent Customer Reviews (2014)

A great book
Marc Stevens explains in clear, simple language what a joke the legal system is. And if you want to go into the world with your eyes open, then you better read this book!
Published 19 days ago by Michael Michael

An outstanding landmark in the history of Voluntaryism
An absolutely life-changing eye-opener! If you are not already a libertarian anarchist/voluntaryist, you WILL BE after reading this book! ...Read more:
Published 2 months ago by Alexander

Wonderful logic and clarity.
With astounding logic and clarity, we have a tool to meet our foe, without having to know the law.
We all are lucky to have a person who can pick apart legalise in such a... Read more:
Published 3 months ago by Bjorn Hansson page

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