Here is Marc Stevens' YouTube channel
and here is the Marc Stevens' Interview Page at his website. Filled with good stuff.

This podcast is an off-air recording of "trial-prep" with Delilah focusing on jurisdiction issues. Recommended! Trial Preparation

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  • Let's Kill the Birther Crap (apparently no longer available - if you have a new, updated location link, please update this) [Transcript from memory: "Let's end the birther crap right now. It's just one more distraction from the real issue. All governments are fakes. Why? Focus on just Obama. Governments claim they are representing and serving the people; they even rack up mind-boggling debts on behalf of others. And after all, it's not just Obama's personal debt; it's supposed to be your's and your grandchildren's, that's what they tell me. So here's the big question, do government's represent the people? Is there a principle-agent relationship between these two groups? Well, no, governments don't represent you, they own you. The only proof is the fact support is compulsory; government has no voluntary support. Support is all under threat, duress and coercion. That's not representation, people. That's ownership. So instead of demanding a birth certificate, how about demanding evidence of a principle-agent relationship? You see that can't be photoshopped."]

Actual case recordings submitted by others can be found here:

I would point out that this is a good example of why it is important not to elaborate much with the questions, keep it simple i.e., Can I get a fair trial if there is a conflict of interest? All we are doing is getting the agent to commit to a position we know they must contradict because their position will conflict with the facts. When the agent claims to represent no one, a good response is to ask is: Is this your own private court? [Marc Stevens 1 Dec 2012]