The No State Project

is a weekly three hour radio talk show, on Saturday afternoon from 3 to 6 P.M. Central time (see below), put on by Marc Stevens. Currently it airs on LRN.FM
----> Call Marc and discuss how to achieve a stateless society. The call-in-number is (218) 632-9399.

The No State Project is an open forum to discuss getting to a voluntary society and dealing with bureaucrat attacks. Whatever is presented by me, Marc Stevens, on the show and website is open to discussion and challenge. If anyone believes what has been presented is inaccurate, they are welcome to call anytime I am live and show where what was presented was wrong. If you believe there are facts proving that there are citizens and states, then call with your facts. I am happy to schedule you as a guest and connect you through skype.

I am also willing to join dissenters and critics on other shows as well. If you think you have facts, then please call the show. I'm not interested in personal attacks as I've heard them all, and on the No State Project it's just not a standard of proof we accept. We leave that to the psychopaths in the political courts.

Also listen to Mike W.'s ShoutCast 24 hour stream of selected No State Project Shows.


All links to the No State Project Archives are HERE. These shows have been edited of commercials and have had the technical quality "tweaked" as well as having show topics listed in the archives. This is a tremendous resource and Calvin deserves a lot of credit for the work he has put into this.

(out of date now... see above) Here is a link to the section of the forum which houses most of the information and links to the No State Project audio archives. --> ARCHIVES (including some other audio archives as well.)

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