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Post here role-plays and transcripts of Courtroom dialogs.

  • Role-plays are where one person plays the role of Court Administrator, or Judge, while another plays the role of the harassed (i.e. the Accused/Charged/Defendant). The purpose being, the practice of questioning likely Bureaucrats by verbally sparring with associates playing that part. The person playing the Judge responds to the questions in the fashion gleaned from actual, to typical Court encounters, and from knowledge of the applicable Rules & Precedence that such Bureaucrats can draw from.

  • Transcripts are of actual, real-world Courtroom experiences. These can be from actual, literal specific encounters, but also drawn from collective personal encounters drawn from first-hand personal experience. [note: while they don't have to be jot & tittle verbatim, the closer to actual dialog the better, with inclusion of indication of where it's known to not be verbatim].

They can be in text form, or media (audio/video) form. Please consider including a bit of introduction, background info, and any clarification that might aid the readers/listeners.

Role-plays here:

  • A court-prep/role-play online workshop with Jamie, Calvin, and others, Vin James hosting. From the No State Project Skype chat, April 12, 2014 mp3 audo, 112mb file (click here)

Transcripts here:

Forum member Ripsaw posted this:
(April 2014)

The following is a transcript from an actual first appearance I was involved in helping a friend....

Judge: How do you plead ?

Us: I have an unsigned plea of guilty that I will enter as soon as you provide me with the evidence the DA has given you, proving the applicability of the statute, and that this court has any jurisdiction over me.

So does this court have jurisdiction over me ?

J: WE DO !

Us: Okay, so you believe you have jurisdiction Sir ?

J: Yes I already said that, how do you plead ?

Us: Okay, so if you are of the opinion you have jurisdiction to hear this case, maybe you wouldn't mind sharing the evidence with me, that you relied upon to make that determination or state that opinion, right ?

J: I Told You that Already ! You violated the statute in this county and that proves it applies to you ! Move ON sir and enter a plea!

Us: Excuse me sir, but with all due respect (actually is none on your part, it is earned , not given blindly, and he hasn't earned anything but disdain) I'm simply try to preserve my due process here and asking for the factual evidence you used to prove jurisdiction over me by this court, isn't the prosecutor supposed to supply that proof to you before you may proceed against me ?

J: He doesn't have too !!!! The statute proves it when you broke it in our county !

Us: Objection judge, how do you know that ?
What evidence did you get from the DA that proves the statute applies to me, just because of my physical location ?

J: I don't need anything from the DA ! I make the rules and determinations around here and I'm telling you what the law says ! You are refusing to plea , Now enter a plea or I will enter one for you !!!!

Us: Well excuse me, but Objection,... you are being less than honest and are not acting in good faith here are you ? I am "not" refusing to plea. I have an unsigned plea of guilty that I will enter as soon as you provide me with the evidence the DA has given you, proving the applicability of the statute, and that this court has any jurisdiction over me in the first place, to force me to plea, without fully understanding the nature and cause of the charges against me.

[Now's a good time to say]:
Us: Motion to dismiss for lack of evidence proving jurisdiction.

J: Denied ! this is not a motions hearing, this is a plea hearing !
You are in the state, the laws apply, that's it, I'm entering a plea of not guilty and setting the trial date for this case !

Us: OBJECTION, I want that plea withdrawn, why did you do that ? are you now trying to represent me ? Have you made the determination that I am not guilty "as a judge" in this proceeding ? If so, then I motion for dismissal because the court has determined I am not guilty ! If you are practicing law from the bench and made it as my attorney, without my consent, then you might as well make a motion to dismiss for me too.

[Judge ignores your objection......]

J: Trial date set for May 7th, next case !

Us: Excuse me judge, but there is an objection on the table here, do you have the discretion or authority to proceed without ruling on that objection first ?

J: Objection Denied, Overruled, you are done here son !
Trial date set for May 7th.

Us: On what grounds ?

J: On the grounds that this court "has" jurisdiction !

Us: Really ? Can you provide cases and cite that legal principle for me where you have the right to deny due process and proceed absent evidence ?

J: One more word from you and I will hold you in contempt of court !

  • notes: the main thing is a.) never stop objecting until he threatens to throw you in jail for contempt, then say you are only pleading under threat, duress, and coercion --not guilty; or b.) best to never plead and let him enter one for you over your objections. He just violated your Due Process on the record.

The reason we ask so many times, and make so many objections, is to build and track a repeated case of Due Process violations on the record, that are apparent, that they can never get out of in the appellate courts.
Automatic overturn.
Q: Is the issue of there being a Record, crucial to the matter of Appeal?
A: Absolutely. If the plea hearing or arraignment, or whatever their quasi outfit tries to label it, doesn't have it set to be recorded or on a record of some sort, we ask for our own reporter or request to record it ourselves.

Marc Stevens , to the above added:
[When they claim jurisdiction is based on being in the county, city, or state, then i would respond with]:
Us: Objection, is it your position the laws of the state apply to me because I am physically in Arizona?

J: Yes, of course.

Us: And the prosecution has given you evidence proving the laws of the plaintiff state apply to me because I'm physically in Arizona?

[We strip out the political weasel words and get right to what they are really arguing, then just ask for the evidence. All they have is the ticket; and if they claim the evidence is on the ticket, say]:

Us: Objection, you're saying this ticket has evidence proving your laws apply to me? Where mate?