I'm thinking that this page should be a repository for success stories which provide a roadmap of the ways that Marc's ideas have worked for other people. A place where someone can come and look through actual cases to see how and why they worked and get ideas for their own use in defending against the depredations of the the thugs.
Perhaps if we get enough we can break them down by category for ease of reference.

HERE is the thread on the MarcStevens.net forum for "Adventures in Legal Land Success Stories."


Went to court several times in Garden City & Savannah, GA. Read Marc's book several times and role played in the mirror. Went to court to observe actions of court personel. Everything Marc says to observe I did. Filed motions for discovery and motion to dismiss and sent filed copies to judge, prosecutor and cop. Cop got scared and back down in court. Judge didn't see me for three months and when I walked in "late" as he put it, he called my name as if I beat his puppy! Maybe because I faxed him a letter explaining to him he was not going to intimidate me with violence and according to the Book of Canons rule 14 he has to answer my questions and if he doesn't I will take the transcribed tape and complaint to the Judicial Review board and put the transcript on You Tube. He didn't want any parts of me because to the peanut gallery I was defiant 300 lb black guy with neat lock past my sholders who talk intelligently, firmly and without the nervousness that let any of them feel like they had any authority over me. I am going to scan copies of the two dismissed tickets to this site. I also taped on cassette 2 IRS agents but I did get upset and partially laid into them but I know I don't need to do that and to be more composed. They make you wanna reach through that phone and waterboard them like the Bush clique! I have used the affidavit and the questions template in the form of a questionaire to specific agents. I got the Dept of Revenue to backoff recently with one main question..... "and you say what is the evidence you can provide factually I am a taxpayer? Who are the witnesses you can provide with personal knowledge of fact I am a taxpayer because, I never claimed to be a taxpayer, I just go along with your game forced upon me so I don't get killed or raped for my property by the IRS" What I need from Marc is what can I use on them to show factually they can't use third party reports like bank 1099 and other stuff like that to prove that makes me a taxpayer. Jeff E.

You need to ask them if information given under threat, duress and coercion is admissible. Marc Stevens

Ticket Kicked out in California - Congrats Adam

Congratulations to Adam for standing up to the local tyrants in San Diego. After being found guilty after a “trial by declaration”, I helped Adam with motions to dismiss when a new trial was ordered. I think the “trial by declaration” is about as effective at getting a ticket thrown out as a guilty plea, total waste of time.

The motion to dismiss was based on the usual: lack of jurisdiction, no cause of action. There are no facts proving the laws of the plaintiff state of California were applicable to Adam. There were also no allegations Adam violated anyone’s legal rights, so there was no cause of action before the court.

I know despite what I think is evidence, a copy of the order is below, critics will marginalize or completely discount this, that it has no merit because it was traffic court. There are those who think traffic courts, as far political (state) courts go, are not “real” courts. So, if a traffic ticket is kicked out, it had nothing to do with what I presented, it’s not a “real” court. Lose in traffic court though, and you deserved it. Then it’s a “real” court.

external image adam_dismissal.jpg

Anyone who has ever been to a traffic court knows, real or not, those lawyers tend to have serious anger issues and no patience for questions. In my experience, traffic courts are among the worst of the worst; only the tax court can rival them for criminality and gross corruption.

What cannot be disputed is the people doing business as the San Diego superior court did not get Adam’s money. He stood up to them and they backed down.

And that has merit to me, whether it’s a real court or not. [Posted by Marc Stevens]

Another Ticket Kicked Out in Toronto - posted by Marc Stevens

Congrats to Paul in Toronto for not just paying the criminals acting as government and getting a ticket kicked out. I helped Paul with the paperwork and did a consult for a traffic ticket and it was kicked out this week. Below are the details as he provided them to me. Paul is contacting the clerk of the court for written verification the ticket was kicked out. I’ll post it when we get it.

Hi Marc
I hope all is well.

I just had a $100 parking ticket dismissed after using your template and you may remember we had a phone consult in February of this year. I am in Toronto. [The ticket is in the Toronto West Court Office, York Civic Center 2700 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto, Ontario]

The case was not straight forward. At my first trial date, when the prosecutor announced the motion to the judge (both were female), she apologized and said it couldn’t be heard due to a clerical error. I said I wanted the matter resolved right away and asked if she could hear the case anyway as it would not take but a few minutes. She refused. I asked for compensation for my wasted time but was only given an apology. The trial was rescheduled.

On the second trial date (today [9 Oct. 2012]) something interesting happened: the female prosecutor lied to the male judge saying that the motion I presented was an 11B, which is a motion of dismissal based on the court taking an excessive amount of time to hear the case. I had given the prosecutor your template upon her request moments earlier. But the judge dismissed the case as though it were an 11B. I believe this is strong evidence that the prosecutor did not want to deal with the actual motion and wanted me out of there, no questions asked.

Your template and the consultation were invaluable. I no doubt will have other matters in legal land and will contact you about another consult.

Thank you again for the great work you do. For me it’s been a real journey learning the concepts and overcoming the fear of confronting the enemy in the courtroom.

Kind regards,


I want to point out how Paul describes overcoming the fear; fear is really the biggest part of this and why what we call governments are still in business today. When we stand up for ourselves, even for something relatively minor as a traffic ticket, it helps us to overcome the fear most have of these psychopaths called governments. It’s why we also role-play.

There is a much lower risk of violence and we can make the same challenges we would in a more serious situation, such as drug charges and tax evasion. It’s much easier to challenge jurisdiction when we know that if the psychopath in the robe starts losing it, we can throw him/her some blood money and just walk away. So we can make our challenges and get experience.

This is one of the reasons for the NSP traffic study, to help people get experience dealing with psychopaths so that if they are ever seriously attacked, they will be able to defend themselves effectively. There is minimal risk as there is no confrontation with police and we can make the same challenges. It takes guts to stand up to people who rage when you address them by their first name and question them on the facts their sacred code applies to you.

A big congrats to Paul for not just handing the psychopaths his money. It may only be a traffic ticket, but overcoming fear is worth the time spent. One of the la politicians want is to have the people not fear them as much. [article here]

Big Week For No State Project – Documentary Proof of Tickets and Assessments Kicked Out

As I mentioned on the show at Libertopia, it was a big week for the No State Project last week. In addition to Paul in Toronto getting a traffic ticket kicked out, there were three others who stood up for themselves and prevailed. So a big congrats to everyone.
I helped Jeff in Florida with a traffic ticket; he filed a motion to dismiss and sent copy to the cop who wrote the ticket. The cop withdrew the complaint and the judge granted the dismissal. Here is the court record:
external image Dismissed-231x300.jpg

Glenn in Texas had five criminal traffic charges kicked out on Friday, Oct. 12, 2012. When I get details I will post them.
Anyone with experience with the California Franchise Tax Board knows how terrible they are to deal with. I’ve had them admit “there doesn’t need to be evidence.” They just don’t seem to care at all. However, I’ve been working with Patty and her husband to get some tax assessments dropped and all we did was ask for the facts and witnesses proving the code was applicable and she was a taxpayer. it took a while, but we got written confirmation it was dropped:
external image FTB-dropped-231x300.jpg

In the last part of the video below I discuss the circular nonsense we’re getting more and more from these psychopaths who seem to not be able to recognize that when you rely on violence, you don’t need facts. You either deal with people non-violently and have facts proving they are obligated, or you use coercion and don’t worry about things as trivial as facts. But, governments and their apologists continue insisting there are facts to prove their code somehow applies to anyone. Call the show (218) 632-9399 if you think you are better prepared than all the IRS agents, prosecutors and judges I have others have dealt with. Show us what US attorney Lori Hendrickson could not do with twenty-eight witnesses.

Those calling themselves “government” use violence, not reason, not facts, but violence. You pay or you go to jail. That’s the psychopathic way of interacting with others. I don’t expect we’ll be getting any calls to the show with any actual facts the code is applicable.

Congrats to Paul, Jeff, Glenn and Patty. It takes guts to stand up to these psychopaths.

Another Tax Attack Dropped by the FTB

This week there are two tax attacks we’ve gotten good results with; one is over the other a little more involved and not over yet.
The first is from California; I reported at Libertopia about having the attack against Patti for 2008 was stopped. Below is documentary evidence proving the attack for 2010 was dropped:

I did the same thing I always do: I ask for the facts the code is applicable. I call the FTB on the phone and whether I get responsive answers or not, I follow up in writing there are no facts proving the code is applicable and there is jurisdiction. If they disagree, they can just put the facts on the table and we can take it from there. They like to advertise their “protest hearings” as some kind of “due process” hearing where they will be fair. Well, unlike what we’re doing with Bill in New Hampshire, there is no challenge to agency action with the FTB; same as with the IRS. All they allow is a dispute of the reported income, if any. They do not like their sacred cows i.e., taxpayer, taxable income, challenged and will not permit it.
But, as you can see from the notice above, the attack was dropped without the pretended hearing. This is a video discussing it:

Adam Has Another Ticket Kicked in California

Adam is the man, he’s had several tickets kicked out in California, this is the latest. So far we’ve got a good record of having tickets thrown out in the NSP parking ticket study, so we have evidence there is obvious merit to the tactic of challenging the facts the code is applicable. This is also evidence, despite the harsh criticism in the past, there’s merit to challenging government attacks on standing, cause of action and lack of a true adversary.
But when you look at the critics, they at best, are giving a free pass to those men/women calling themselves governments. As with standing, that is not my rule, that is political public relations, sacred writ called “law”. There are no exceptions to this, either there is a valid cause of action or there isn’t. If there isn’t, there is no jurisdiction. There are no exceptions because the plaintiff is called the “STATE”. This is laid out in detail in my standing cross reference.
And while this may have been “just” a traffic ticket, the same issues apply. The code still has to be applicable, there still needs to be a valid cause of action/case and there still needs to be a true adversary. Anytime the predators don’t get compliance and our money is a good thing.
So congrats again to Adam for not just laying down and taking it. If you’re interested in participating in the No State Project traffic study, feel free to contact me and call the show.

Three More Charges Kicked Out – No Evidence Code Applies

As mentioned on the No State Project radio show, Matt had three charges thrown out last week. Matt called in and related to us that after he had mailed a copy of the motion to dismiss I helped him with to the cop who wrote the ticket, he got a call. The cop was not happy about it and told Matt not to send him paperwork, to send it to the “state” instead.

We send a copy to the cop because they are the ones who wrote the tickets, they should be able to defend against it. Here’s some legal advice to those cops who don’t like defending their tickets: Stop giving out tickets. Problem solved. Don’t call us crying about it, just stop giving them out or withdraw them and leave us alone.

The motion is based on the cop’s lack of evidence the constitution and code are applicable, lack of a case and no true adversary. Seventy-five percent of the time we file the motion and send to the cop, the cop doesn’t show, even if the motion is denied. If there was no merit and the motion was pure BS or legalistic gibberish, why would the cops not show?

Matt showed up for trial, and despite being under subpoena and getting overtime to appear in court, the cop didn’t show. It’s just silly to think he looked at the motion, figured it had no merit and decided it’s not worth the overtime to show up. The proof is here, right click to download the PDF.

There is no evidence the constitution and code apply, that’s why these are dismissed; some before any kind of trial. There are no facts and these three accusations being tossed out are just more proof it’s an effective way to defend against the accusations of these psychopaths.

Critics will marginalize or downplay the evidence here on the website and radio show, but they will never present any facts proving what these cops, prosecutors, judges and tax agents consistently cannot do: They cannot present any facts the constitutions and codes apply to us.
Congrats to Matt to standing up to these psychopaths.

Ticket Kicked out in England, Evidence from Three Continents Now

Here’s the video, sorry for the delay, Vin in England joins me to discuss this ticket getting kicked. Vin does the No State Project UK on Sunday and broadcasts the No State Project Reloaded also. We now have documentary proof of tickets being kicked out on three continents, North America, Europe and Australia.

Sticking to the facts, just asking questions and challenging the sacred cows held by statists, is a very effective method of defending against their attacks. As Vin says in the video, the application (motion to dismiss) is based on the lack of evidence the acts/regulations are applicable, no valid cause of action and no true adversary. Congrats to Vin and his mates for participating in the NSP traffic study and getting this frivolous ticket kicked out.

Another Criminal Traffic Kicked Out – Congrats Scott in Portland

Congrats to Scott in Portland, Scott called the show Feb. 9 2013 and gave up an update of the psychopathic circus he was ordered to attend on Monday. A cop accused Scott of the heinous crime of not having some registration and not complying with the whims of psychopaths. These whims are commonly known as “law” among certain people.

Just as has happened so many other times, when we file the motion to dismiss and provide a copy to the cop who wrote the ticket, seventy-five percent of the time the cop doesn’t bother showing up. Because as we all know, why comply with a subpoena to defend against a motion without any merit? Even when the motion has been summarily denied the cops still don’t show up? Why?

Why not collect the easy overtime knowing the judge has already dismissed the motion as “garbage”, “legalistic gibberish” and “nonsense”? After all, let’s not forget the other hearings/trials the cop is probably there for that day. We’ve had reports the cop is there for other trials. Why not show up for our trials when they get a copy of the motion to dismiss?

Regardless of any criticism and ad hominen attacks against me, there is no evidence the constitution and codes apply.
Congrats Scott for standing up for yourself and not just paying or worse, paying a lawyer to do “whatever is necessary to avoid going to jail”.

Ticket Kicked in Kentucky

Congrats to James and thanks for sending me the dismissal order below. James had a cop accuse him of code violations in Kentucky and a complaint was filed into the McCracken district court.
I helped James with a demur to the complaint on the grounds there was no evidence the constitution and code were applicable, no cause of action and no true adversary. Without evidence the code is applicable the court (judges) have no jurisdiction.

The prosecutor filed a notice of “nolle prosequi” which is Latin for “do not prosecute”.

While at this time I can only speculate as the reasons the prosecutor had to not pursue the prosecution, if you look at the typical grounds for a “nolle prosequi” and consider the demur was for a lack of evidence, we’ve got strong circumstantial evidence the prosecutor agreed there was no evidence:

“The declaration may be made because the charges cannot be proved due to evidence too weak to carry the burden of proof, because the evidence is fatally flawed in light of the claims brought,or may be made if the prosecutor becomes doubtful the accused is guilty or the defendant’s innocence is proved…” (Quoted form the wikipedia page)

Maybe it’s me, but I’m not aware of a “nolle prosequi” or other dismissal because the alleged defendant filed a nonsensical demur or motion to dismiss. A former prosecutor, now wearing the black robe, signed the order of dismissal. Apparently the judge agreed there was no evidence proving the code applied to James.
external image tumblr_lluacoDU7m1qi7rzxo1_500.jpgThis is certainly more evidence of how effective it is just to challenge prosecutors on the facts and not accepting any sacred cows and other generalizations.

I have written and mentioned in videos recently that this will be marginalized because it’s “just traffic” or that traffic courts are not “real courts”. But, I’ve been wrong so far. I’ve not seen any criticism in the past few months regarding the tax assessments and traffic tickets kicked out.

Congrats James for doing what so many others are not willing to do, even if just traffic court; standing up to these professional predators.